EQUITY CHAIN let every investor have the opportunity to be LP to invest in equity

Operation Conditions of Super Nodes
EQUITY CHAIN's business model used the traditional private equity investment model, but it also solved the traditional equity investment fund's several pain points at the same time.
High entry barriers (not less than one million).
Complex entry procedure.
Long investment term and difficult withdrawal.
Unclear flow of funds and ill management.
Low starting investment amount.
Purchase TOKEN in Trading Exchange.
You can exit in real time through transaction.
Through smart contracts, you can view the capital flows and the project progress in real time.
The EQUITY CHAIN really enables every investor to have equal access to wealth and let wealth no longer be concentrated in the hands of a few people.
EQUITY CHAIN establishes a public chain, allowing all investment banks to develop the alliance chain and side chain on the basis of the public chain, and subverts the traditional financial industry.

The platform consists of two parts: Equity Collection and Equity Transaction.

Taking block chain technology and big data application as the core tools, the platform integrates asset evaluation, credit rating, risk pricing, information disclosure, equity trading, equity management and other third-party organizations to construct a new generation of internet services and information platform, promote the application of industry standards in block chains for financial assets, including private equity, and focus on building a global ecosystem of equity transfers.

The stock market has professional institutions such as audit, legal affairs, asset evaluation, professional dispatching mechanism, etc., which are responsible for project review, providing stock option registration and management services for non-listed enterprises, issuing professional project review, valuation reports, and building up a profession, visual, easy-to-use and safe stock option registration management system.
At the same time, the equity collection has equity information storage (EIS). Through the underlying block chain layer and multi-layer encryption storage data of business application layer to ensure that the original data cannot be decrypted to obtain without the permission of the user's authorization.

In the Equity Exchange, the transferor of the equity and the investor are free to register and transfer.

2020 Vision We will become a global professional provider of assetmanagement programme in block chain.
2019 Expansion We will carry on the global expansion of the project and layout
the next era, mainly in digital assets.
2019 Integration Equity Chain will be completed and integrate third-party institutions in place. We will concentrate the global advantages and integrate the top technology and operation teams.
2018 Public Block Chain In the third quarter of 2018, the technical architecture and platform construction of public chain technical were completed.
2017 Project Approval The Equity Chain Project was sponsored by the Singapore consensusFoundation and the top technical team from China, the United States,Russia and Israel joined the project.
2014 Origin Enter the field of block chain, explore the technology of block chain and its application and accumulate the technology of block chain